"Flower Girl At Last!"
From: MOZELL'S MAGIC"Mozell Hiding"
From: MOZELL'S MAGIC"Princess Steps"
From: MOZELL'S MAGIC"The Rise""Burgundy Corvid""Magpie Murder""Cloudgirl""Wine Poppies"monster 4"Hexie's Fall""Angler Hat""Nautilus Hat""Christmas Sushi for Santa"monster 2"Jellyfish Hat""Yellowtail""Dracula's Date""Zombie Possum""The Devil and Miss Lulu""Dracula is a Scorpio""Deep Sea Valentine""Funky Soul Contract""Frankenstien is a Taurus"monster1"Fly Girl""Squid Hat""Octopus Hat""Spider Crab Hat""Deep Sea Fish""Night Bugs""Red Forest""A Bird in Hand...""Anole You Love Me""On the Outside Looking in""Pumpkin Murder"
To me, watercolors are very expressive, great for gesture drawings and quick sketches. The paint seems to be constantly in motion and hard to control, which can be exasperating to some people, but for me it’s a freedom I enjoy.